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an occasional calling down
an occasional calling down and a few scratches. If id had the luck to get into aviation or some of the fancy branches david checked himself. There i go, he said in selfdisgust. Beefing again. It was quite in the old, spoiledchild tone an echo of indestructible personality, the weeping scion of other days and it went straight to marys swelling, bewildered, groping heart. She began to laugh and a sob tangled itself in the laughter, and she choked and said buddy. He turned toward her.
ache with longing to
ache with longing to hear it in your voice. Youre a queer buddy, returned the girl, not quite steadily. Did you bring me home a german helmet for a souvenir. He shook his head. I didnt bring home much of anything, except some experience and the discovery of the fact that when i had to stand on my own feet, i wasnt much. You got your stripes, didnt you. Suggested the girl. Thats all i did get, he returned jealously. I didnt get any medal, or palms or decorations or crosses of war i didnt get anything except
Mayme. No not mayme any more. He flushed to his temples. I beg your pardon, miss courtenay. Nonsense. She said softly. Mary. Ive discarded the mayme long ago. Mary, he repeated in a tone of musing content. Buddy. He caught his breath. A few thousand of the best guys in the world, he said, call a fellow that. And every time they said it, it made my heart
his face that was
his face that was the study. Of that performance i shall say nothing. It is now famous and familiar to thousands of theatergoers. But if ever mortal man spent twenty minutes in fairyland, it was david, while mary was playing the work of his fancy. At the close, he disappeared. I suppose he did not dare trust himself to join in the congratulations with which she was overwhelmed. I found him, as i rather expected, on the bench where he had sat when mayme mccartney first found him. And when the crowd had departed from the studio, i told the girl. Without even stopping to put on her hat she
was only too obviously
was only too obviously her adoring slave. Already there had been hints of their engagement. Had i been that ace, i should have felt no small discomposure at the sight of the girls face when she first saw the changed and matured weeping scion of three years before. After the first flash of recognition she had developed on that expressive face of hers a look of wonder and almost pathetic questioning, and, i thought, who knew and loved the child, already something deeper and sweeter. Young david, after greeting the star of the evening, took a modest rear seat as befitted his rank. But when the bonnie lassie announced doggy, it was
urged him to pass
urged him to pass on from that unchancy spot. All that he could learn about the basement dweller was that his name was lukisch and he owed for his rent. Mr. Lukisch had nothing special against the queer old party who made sheeps eyes at his clock every day. He hated him quite impartially, as he hated everybody. Mr. Lukisch had a bad heart in more senses than one, and a grudge against the world which he blamed for the badness of his heart. Also he had definite ideas of reprisal, which were focused by a dispossess notice, and directed particularly upon the person and
Oh, dominie. Said the
Oh, dominie. Said the girl, with such reproach that my heart sank within me. Do you think that was fair. Dont you know that i never could have taken the money. Precisely. And we had to find a way to make you take it. We couldnt have you dying on the premises, i argued with a feeble attempt at jocularity. But from him. She said. After what had happenedand his mother. How could you let me do it. I thought you would have gotten over that feeling by this time, i
willy woolly from the
willy woolly from the house of silvery voices, and admirably he played it, barking accurately and with true histrionic fervor in the right places besides promptly falling in love with the star at the first and only rehearsal. After the tryout, mary came over to my bench with a check for a rather dazzling sum in her hand, and said that now was the time to settle accounts, but she never could repayand so forth and so on all put so sweetly and genuinely that i heartily wished i might accept the thanks if not the check. Instead of which i blurted out the truth.
No announcements, even of
No announcements, even of the most modest description, heralded the arrival of sergeant major if you please. David berthelin upon his native shores. He came at once to our square and tackled the little red doctor. Where is she. He asked. The little red doctor assumed an air of incredulous surprise. Have you still got that bee in your bonnet. Said he. Where is she. Repeated the weeping scion. Maneuvering for time and counsel, the little red doctor took him to see
At that, you were
At that, you were all wrong about buddy. He was a lot decenter than you thought only he was brought up wrong. Give him my love as one pal to another. I hope he dont come back a hero. Im offen heroes, too. Excuse again. Wars and exiles alike come to an end in time. And in time our two wanderers returned, but mary first, david having been sent into germany with the army of occupation. Modest announcements in the theatrical columns informed an indifferent theatergoing world that miss marie courtenay, an actress new to broadway, was to play the ingenue part in
the latest comedy by
the latest comedy by a highly popular dramatist. Immediately upon the production, the theatergoing world ceased to be indifferent to the new actress in fact, it went into one of its occasional furores about her. Not that she was in any way a great genius, but she had a certain indefinable and winningly individual quality. The critics discussed it gravely and at length, differing argumentatively as to its nature and constitution. I could have given them a hint. My predictions regarding the ancestral potencies of the monkeyface were being abundantly justified.
Did you think i
Did you think i would not know it was david. Why, bless your dear, silly heart, i told him some of those stories myself. But how does he get a chance to write them. Is he back on this side. Or is he invalided. Or what. Tell me. I want to know about him. You do not have to worry about mywell, my infatuation for him, any more. He was a pretty boy, though, wasnt he. But i have seen too many of that kind in the picture game. Im spoiled for them. How i would love to smear some of their pretty, smirky faces. They give me a queer feeling in my breakfast. Excuse me i forgot i was a lady. But dont say pretty to me any more. Im through.
fritzie before the show
fritzie before the show is over. Thereafter the little red doctor exhibited, but read to us only in small parts, quite bulky communications from overseas. Some of them, it became known, he was forwarding to our little mary, out in the far west. With her answer came the solution. Some of the grass and asphalt sketches are wonders some not so good. I am going to try out doggy if i can find a poodle with enough intelligence to support me. But you need not have been so mysterious, doc, about your young amateur writer who seems to have some talent.
negotiations had been frustrated
negotiations had been frustrated by a crabbed and violentlooking man with a repellent club. Nevertheless, the voice alone had ensnared the connoisseur it was, by the test of the pipe which he carried on all his quests, d in alt, and would thus complete the major chord of a chime which he had long been building up. She had loved, best of all, harmonic combinations of the clock bells. Every day he would halt in front of the place and wait to hear it strike, and its owner would peer out from behind it and shake a wasted fist and curse him with strange, hoarse foreign oaths, while willy woolly tugged at his trouser leg and
In the correspondence from
In the correspondence from sergeant berthelin there came a long hiatus followed by a curt bit of official information seriously wounded. The little red doctor brought the news to me, with a queer expression on his face. It doesnt look good, dominie, he said. You know, my old friend, death, is a shrewd picker. Hes got an eye for men. He mused, rubbing his tousled, brickish locks with a nervous hand. I was getting to kind of like that young pup, he muttered moodily. The saying that no news is good news was surely concocted by some one
fellow can get himself
fellow can get himself made a captain by pull, or a major by luck, or a colonel by deskwork, or a general by having a fine martial figure, but to get yourself made a sergeant, by gosh, youve got to show the stuff. Youve got to be a man. Youve got to have are you going to tell her. Interrupted the bonnie lassie who had been sent for to share the news. The little red doctor fell suddenly grave. Shes another matter, he said. I dont think i shall. Matters were going forward with maymebeg her pardon, mary mccartney,
scion kept his head
scion kept his head and his nerve, and made good. A corporals stripes arent much, but theyre something. Better was to come. There was high triumph in the little red doctors expression when he came to my bench with the glad tidings of young davids promotion to a sergeantcy. While its very gratifying, i remarked, it doesnt seem to me an epochmaking event. Doesnt it. Retorted my friend. Thats because of your abysmal military ignorance, dominie. Let me tell you how it is in our army. A
indeed, from broadway, having
indeed, from broadway, having been shifted to a specially wet and muddy section of france and was taking them as he found them. That is to say, he had learned the prime lesson of war. And hes been made corporal, announced the little red doctor with satisfaction. That sounds encouraging, remarked the bonnie lassie. How did it happen. He went over on one of the flu ships, and when the epidemic began to mow em down there was a kind of panic. From what i can make out, the
switch. Tell the little
switch. Tell the little red doctor that it is so long since i coughed i have forgotten how. And i love you all so hard that it hurts. Your loving mary mccartney p.s. I am going to be marie courtenay when i get my name up in the pictures. Put that in the directory and see how it looks. P.s.2. How is my soldier boy getting along. Poor kid. I expect he is finding it a lot different from broadway with money in your pocket. About this time the weeping scion was finding things very different,
What do you think.
What do you think. Wrote our exile. Theyve got my funny little monkey mug in the movies. Five per and steady work. The director likes me and says he will give me a real chance one of these days. But, as the dominie would say, this is a hell of a place. Graceless imp. I would not say it myself, because i am a perfect lady. You have to be, out here. That reminds me i have cut out the mayme. Every fresh little frizzle in the colony with a false front and a pneumatic figure calls herself mayme or daisye or tootsye. Not for me. I am keeping up my lessons and trying to make my head good for something besides carrying a